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Taking a Stand for Natural Immunity vs. Vax Mandates

Taking a Stand for Natural Immunity vs. Vax Mandates

Doctor Aaron Kheriaty will soon be suspended without pay from his post as a professor of psychiatry in the University of California-Irvine’s School of Medicine. He has been threatened with being fired for his refusal to obey a COVID-19 shot mandate, a demand that led him to file a federal lawsuit against his employer. Yet he is at peace, he says, thanks to his Catholic faith.

“Without prayer and the sacraments and my faith that God is a loving and providential Father, I’m quite confident that I wouldn’t be able to persevere under these circumstances,” Kheriaty said in a wide-ranging interview with Catholic World Report. “If I seek to do His will and if I try to prayerfully discern whether this is the right thing to do under the circumstances, that He will protect me and He will take care of me and my family.”

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